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Review on mass traffic programs

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I’m sure if any of you guys have found my blog you’re just the slightest bit inclined on ways to make money online. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these new offers like massmoneymakers, free mass traffic and all the others that say if you buy there product they will reveal to you the best way to get crazy amounts of traffic and loads of cash that they show you on there sign up page. I don’t know about any of you guys but there offers sound so good and some of them are very affordable. But just to put my two cents in none of it has ever ever ever worked for me maybe i’m just too stupid or not crafty enough because i always end up with lost money and no traffic at all lol. So from me to you the next time you see one of those pretty offers online hold tight to that mouse click on the buy button and swing over to youtube to see the reviews of it from other people just like you and I.

for me it was easer to just use neobux’s advertising to just promote my sites like paybox, paidthefastest, and ICS. They werent always targetted traffic but its views none the less and hey thats a start right? lol