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If you read my earlier post about paidthefastest you should know all of what the site is about. Anyways i just wanna say that there referral system they have is AMAZING! You can use the cash or points you earn on the site and put it towards a level upgrade ranging from $1-$5. If you do that you have a higher probabillity of earning new refferrals. I honestly dont know how or why but paidthefastest is becomeing very popular and i see about 100 or so new members everyday and they just keep adding new features. Like the new blackjack game they just added which is a great way to earn some easy points for you gambling fans. Ive been getting like 5 or 6 referrals a day with my 50X upgrade.

So for a quick and easy way to make some cash online go and check out paidthefastest, you definitely will not be disappointed!

heres a quick snap of my account up there.


Payment proofs from paidthefastest

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Here is a screenshot from some of the various payments made to me by paidthefasest and all of them were instant. Theres also two cashouts from ICS

one payment in there was for $84 that was when i won the jackpot and it was a good day! lol 🙂