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Neobux strategy

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Ok so here is my strategy for my neobux account i’m a standard member with 200 rented referrals with auto pay switched on. I recycle if my ref hasn’t clicked for 6 days and average is below my BEP which is 1.14. I think after i get some more clicks or when i get to 300 refs ill try to extend them all for 90 or 240 days. I’m praying that i can win a golden membership thru adprizes lol but mayb that’ll just stay a dream but you never know.

So far my averages have been very good alot different from when i had my old account a few years ago, so i think ill try to stay around a little bit longer this time.

If your not on neobux¬†definitely¬†check it out its a great ptc with tons of prizes and various activities that allows its members to earn. I think they’ve paid their members somewhere around 84 million dollars since 2008 so its a pretty trusted and legit site.