Neobux traffic

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Hey guys if you ever need sum quick traffic and you happen to be a member of neobux you diffenitly need to try out their new micro advertisement. Its like $5 for 2000 exposures to your link. I must say its pretty gud giving the large amount of members that are one neobux so your links or site will get viewed very very quickly. I kno its not a free way but its stupid cheap and if you got $5 to spare and need a little bit more traffic i say why not try it. I personally used it last night and got like 15 refferrals on my paybox, about 1000 or so visit to my blog, and mayb 2 or 3 referrals through paidthefastest. So if your not already a member of the site just type in into ya browser and sign up for advertiser.

Its pretty cool and i recommend it to anybody lookn for cheap advertisement but those of you that are on the super cheap side of things ima post a few good ways to get free traffic a little later.