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Neobux King of All PTC

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Neobux oh neobux. Is the really anything i need to say about this site? I mean if your up here looking for ways to earn money online im sure you’ve heard about neobux right?

Well if not ill give you a short summary of it. Neobux is a ptc site that advitsers use to get traffic to their link. When you sign up you will be a part of that traffic but you get paid for every link you click. You’ll start as a standard member and will only recieve .005 cent a click. You can stay there and click away till you earn enough money to maybe rent some referrals, use your cash to advertise your own link, or just cash it out.

The serious money making comes in when you upgrade your account (which cost) and you get double the rates of your referral clicks. There are countless tutorials on perfect strategies in neobux that you can try out if you wanna sign up. Personally its a great site once you get everything in order and learn the system. I recommend it to anyone trying to make money online

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Paybox! The next paypal

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Paybox is the up and coming new payment processor but it needs our help to build a broader user base so us user can reap the sweet benefits!

Paybox is a really clean site and has some innovative ideas and techniques. First off Paybox is completely free to join, they give you a $25 sign on bonus and will pay you up to $20. The rate you earn daily fluctuates depending on how active you are on the site. There are a few things you can do right now with paybox in its early stages. You can complete the various surveys located on the site to help give paybox ideas of what its users want. You can vote on which merchants you want to spend your money on, and subscribe to their blog to keep up with their new features and other things the periodically add to the site. This will keep your account active and raise how much cash you get a day. Paybox also pays you to get the word out and promote their site to other members. They pay $10 for each referral. And its very easy to get refferral because paybox is free to join.

Paybox as of now is in its closed box stage, this means that transaction can only take place within the paybox system. They plan to open up the box very soon. Why what? Paybox as of now has about 300,000 active members and they need 2-5 million members to open the box and be a fully functioning payment processor. So this is where we come in. We as early bird members need to get the word out net and help grow their user base.

Paybox has also just announce they are going to start an affiliate program where every member you refer that subscribes will earn you 100 a month for every month they stay prescribed!

I dont know about you guys but Im giving it a try, ive been doing this internet money making thing for a while and if a site is gonna pay you and not ask for anything in return why not give it shot. So what are you waiting on go sign up, check out their blog and start promoting!!

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Now paid the fastest is a pretty cool site. Its basically your run of the mill GPT but with a couple neat features that in my opinion put it over the top of its competitors.

Paidthefastest has tons and i mean tons of different offers to complete which range from .02 cent ptc offers all the way to the paid ones that you can land like $15 or $20 but those most of the time consist of using a credit card. I personally dont do them but you should feel free to try. In addition to earning cash for offers you also can earn points. Points are sort of a monetary value used on paidthefastest that can be used for various things on the site such as: Spin the wheel spins, referral upgrade, tickets, and gift cards.

Some of the great features on this site include using points or the cash you earn to upgrade your level which give you better chances to get unrefereed referrals, this is a great tool and works great i personally have about 120 referrals and have earned about $50 from them. Ptf also has monthly jackpot drawing where you use the tickets you earn by completing offers for a chance to earn the big jackpot.

Well there isnt much more to say about ptf if you have any questions feel free to post and ask but other than that check the site out its free to join.

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