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Update on Paybox Growth

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As you may already know if you’ve heard of paybox they need more members to open the box so we can use the money we earn in the site. Right now they are at 300,000 but need 2-5 million members. So why not go ahead and sign up its free and if it works dats more money to you and if it doesn’t you really didn’t lose anything.

Here’s an excerpt from there blog

What is the next step?

In order to form the essential working relationships with large merchants and payment networks, we need a bigger user base. What does that mean? More users! We must grow our user base to 2-5 million users (our Stage 2 growth goal) before we can really begin work to “Open the Box”.


Payment proofs from paidthefastest

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Here is a screenshot from some of the various payments made to me by paidthefasest and all of them were instant. Theres also two cashouts from ICS

one payment in there was for $84 that was when i won the jackpot and it was a good day! lol 🙂

Update for Paybox

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Heres an update to sum new projects for paybox and its upcoming affliate program that promise to pay well.

Website Upgrade

We knew it was coming soon, but we couldn’t be sure exactly when. This weekend our programming and engineering teams are working on a major upgrade to our website infrastructure. We don’t expect any interruptions to your service—this notice is just to let you know what we’re working on.

Why is this upgrade needed?

Due to the combination of our current growth and our planned growth, our website must be able to handle millions of user transactions per day. We expect that once we launch our new affiliate program, our army of affiliates will flood our website with new users.

(Note: If you would like to profit from that flood of growth, be sure to join either our first choice or second choice recommended training programs…or both if you’re really ambitious.)

Digital Delivery Project

The Digital Delivery Project will allow merchants who sell digitally delivered goods to begin accepting PayBox payments. This will allow you—our EarlyBird users—to begin spending your PayBox balance on digital goods offered by these merchants.

The digital goods offered could include things such as:

  • Computer software
  • Digital images
  • Electronic books
  • Information products
  • MP3s (including music and audio books)
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Wallpapers
  • Web hosting
  • Website memberships
  • and anything else that can be delivered online

How long until it’s ready?

We plan to have this project ready before the Growth Project affiliate program launches. The Digital Delivery Project does not have an exact “go live” date yet. I’ll post updates and new details on this project as more information becomes available.

Growth Project Update

The Growth Project is designed to grow our user base to our Stage 2 growth goal of 2 to 5 million users. This will allow us to begin work to “Open the Box” with the goal of becoming a full-featured payment processor.

In order to properly launch our new affiliate program, we are building an “army” of 10,000 newly-trained Internet marketers. Once our army of marketers is ready and trained the new affiliate program will go live.

We have extended an open invitation to all EarlyBird users who would like to join our affiliate army. Those who do will lead the waywhen our new affiliate program launches and will undoubtedly earn the lion’s share of profits, because they will know exactly how to drive traffic to their links.

If you would like to participate in our affiliate army, please explore our first choice and second choice recommended training programs. Joining our affiliate army is completely optional—in fact, we expect less than 4% of our users to join up, which will leave more profit for those who do.

Thanks for helping us take PayBox to the next level—keep up the good work!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes 3 Clicks and You Win!

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I don’t really know how long InstantCashSweepstakes has been running but its realitively new to me because ive just found it. But anyways ICS is a great site for earning money online. Its basically a survey site with a few cool features that makes it interesting.

First off in ICS you answer short 3 question surveys and you win either cash, tickets, or coins. You can use the cash and cash it out as soon as you reach $2. The tickets are used for their daily drawings where someone wins $50. The coins are used for another drawing where someone wins $2 every four hours.

Another great part of ICS is its referral system. When you refer someone to ICS you win exactly what they win so if they win one dollar you win one dollar! Thats a great system and is very beneficial to members who can refer lots of members. This site is definitely worth checking out.

ICS is a really cool site and is recommended for members from novice people earning money online to internet gurus that have been making tons of cash online. Its fun for everyone and doesn’t take up much time.


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Im trying to find a good theme for my blog but idk i cant find one i really like so if anyone has any ideas on i nice one leave me sum feedback 🙂

Neat chart for neobux average

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I saw this chart online and its a pretty good why to keep up with which average you need to break even when you rent referrals. Its very useful.

Also i may put my own little guide to my strategy in neobux

Paybox account

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Heres just a screenshot of my paybox account, As you know its still in its closed box state and all the funds are lock but hopefully it will get all the users it needs and let me get my hands on this cash lol