Neobux strategy

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Ok so here is my strategy for my neobux account i’m a standard member with 200 rented referrals with auto pay switched on. I recycle if my ref hasn’t clicked for 6 days and average is below my BEP which is 1.14. I think after i get some more clicks or when i get to 300 refs ill try to extend them all for 90 or 240 days. I’m praying that i can win a golden membership thru adprizes lol but mayb that’ll just stay a dream but you never know.

So far my averages have been very good alot different from when i had my old account a few years ago, so i think ill try to stay around a little bit longer this time.

If your not on neobux¬†definitely¬†check it out its a great ptc with tons of prizes and various activities that allows its members to earn. I think they’ve paid their members somewhere around 84 million dollars since 2008 so its a pretty trusted and legit site.


Back with Neobux

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Well im back with neobux after taking maybe like a year or so vacation from pretty much everything lol….

So ima see if i can hold out and really manage my referrals effectively this time and just play it smart.

And if you dont know about neobux you can check it out up here in my description.

ill try to add a banner in the ongoing section that shows how much im earning. I currently only have 200 rr and am a standard user.

If you wanna join the ptc here… but look it up first its pretty slow at first lol

Neat chart for neobux average

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I saw this chart online and its a pretty good why to keep up with which average you need to break even when you rent referrals. Its very useful.

Also i may put my own little guide to my strategy in neobux

Neobux King of All PTC

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Neobux oh neobux. Is the really anything i need to say about this site? I mean if your up here looking for ways to earn money online im sure you’ve heard about neobux right?

Well if not ill give you a short summary of it. Neobux is a ptc site that advitsers use to get traffic to their link. When you sign up you will be a part of that traffic but you get paid for every link you click. You’ll start as a standard member and will only recieve .005 cent a click. You can stay there and click away till you earn enough money to maybe rent some referrals, use your cash to advertise your own link, or just cash it out.

The serious money making comes in when you upgrade your account (which cost) and you get double the rates of your referral clicks. There are countless tutorials on perfect strategies in neobux that you can try out if you wanna sign up. Personally its a great site once you get everything in order and learn the system. I recommend it to anyone trying to make money online

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