Instant Cash Sweepstakes 3 Clicks and You Win!

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I don’t really know how long InstantCashSweepstakes has been running but its realitively new to me because ive just found it. But anyways ICS is a great site for earning money online. Its basically a survey site with a few cool features that makes it interesting.

First off in ICS you answer short 3 question surveys and you win either cash, tickets, or coins. You can use the cash and cash it out as soon as you reach $2. The tickets are used for their daily drawings where someone wins $50. The coins are used for another drawing where someone wins $2 every four hours.

Another great part of ICS is its referral system. When you refer someone to ICS you win exactly what they win so if they win one dollar you win one dollar! Thats a great system and is very beneficial to members who can refer lots of members. This site is definitely worth checking out.

ICS is a really cool site and is recommended for members from novice people earning money online to internet gurus that have been making tons of cash online. Its fun for everyone and doesn’t take up much time.


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