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Now paid the fastest is a pretty cool site. Its basically your run of the mill GPT but with a couple neat features that in my opinion put it over the top of its competitors.

Paidthefastest has tons and i mean tons of different offers to complete which range from .02 cent ptc offers all the way to the paid ones that you can land like $15 or $20 but those most of the time consist of using a credit card. I personally dont do them but you should feel free to try. In addition to earning cash for offers you also can earn points. Points are sort of a monetary value used on paidthefastest that can be used for various things on the site such as: Spin the wheel spins, referral upgrade, tickets, and gift cards.

Some of the great features on this site include using points or the cash you earn to upgrade your level which give you better chances to get unrefereed referrals, this is a great tool and works great i personally have about 120 referrals and have earned about $50 from them. Ptf also has monthly jackpot drawing where you use the tickets you earn by completing offers for a chance to earn the big jackpot.

Well there isnt much more to say about ptf if you have any questions feel free to post and ask but other than that check the site out its free to join.

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