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Neobux strategy

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Ok so here is my strategy for my neobux account i’m a standard member with 200 rented referrals with auto pay switched on. I recycle if my ref hasn’t clicked for 6 days and average is below my BEP which is 1.14. I think after i get some more clicks or when i get to 300 refs ill try to extend them all for 90 or 240 days. I’m praying that i can win a golden membership thru adprizes lol but mayb that’ll just stay a dream but you never know.

So far my averages have been very good alot different from when i had my old account a few years ago, so i think ill try to stay around a little bit longer this time.

If your not on neobux definitely check it out its a great ptc with tons of prizes and various activities that allows its members to earn. I think they’ve paid their members somewhere around 84 million dollars since 2008 so its a pretty trusted and legit site.


Back with Neobux

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Well im back with neobux after taking maybe like a year or so vacation from pretty much everything lol….

So ima see if i can hold out and really manage my referrals effectively this time and just play it smart.

And if you dont know about neobux you can check it out up here in my description.

ill try to add a banner in the ongoing section that shows how much im earning. I currently only have 200 rr and am a standard user.

If you wanna join the ptc here… but look it up first its pretty slow at first lol


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Man its been awhile since ive last posted an update ( college has been killing me) but any way im here to bring u another nice earning site that you really need to check out!

Missing In Action

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Hey guys i know its been awhile since i posted but ive been super super SUPER busy with college! Im going to try to keep up with the one post per week challenge here on wordpress but im really crunched for time lately. So just check out the other post i have on the various sites that work and feel free to comment and tell me which sites you have that work!!

Loads of Referrals

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If you read my earlier post about paidthefastest you should know all of what the site is about. Anyways i just wanna say that there referral system they have is AMAZING! You can use the cash or points you earn on the site and put it towards a level upgrade ranging from $1-$5. If you do that you have a higher probabillity of earning new refferrals. I honestly dont know how or why but paidthefastest is becomeing very popular and i see about 100 or so new members everyday and they just keep adding new features. Like the new blackjack game they just added which is a great way to earn some easy points for you gambling fans. Ive been getting like 5 or 6 referrals a day with my 50X upgrade.

So for a quick and easy way to make some cash online go and check out paidthefastest, you definitely will not be disappointed!

heres a quick snap of my account up there.

Neobux traffic

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Hey guys if you ever need sum quick traffic and you happen to be a member of neobux you diffenitly need to try out their new micro advertisement. Its like $5 for 2000 exposures to your link. I must say its pretty gud giving the large amount of members that are one neobux so your links or site will get viewed very very quickly. I kno its not a free way but its stupid cheap and if you got $5 to spare and need a little bit more traffic i say why not try it. I personally used it last night and got like 15 refferrals on my paybox, about 1000 or so visit to my blog, and mayb 2 or 3 referrals through paidthefastest. So if your not already a member of the site just type in into ya browser and sign up for advertiser.

Its pretty cool and i recommend it to anybody lookn for cheap advertisement but those of you that are on the super cheap side of things ima post a few good ways to get free traffic a little later.

Review on mass traffic programs

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I’m sure if any of you guys have found my blog you’re just the slightest bit inclined on ways to make money online. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these new offers like massmoneymakers, free mass traffic and all the others that say if you buy there product they will reveal to you the best way to get crazy amounts of traffic and loads of cash that they show you on there sign up page. I don’t know about any of you guys but there offers sound so good and some of them are very affordable. But just to put my two cents in none of it has ever ever ever worked for me maybe i’m just too stupid or not crafty enough because i always end up with lost money and no traffic at all lol. So from me to you the next time you see one of those pretty offers online hold tight to that mouse click on the buy button and swing over to youtube to see the reviews of it from other people just like you and I.

for me it was easer to just use neobux’s advertising to just promote my sites like paybox, paidthefastest, and ICS. They werent always targetted traffic but its views none the less and hey thats a start right? lol